Das Fang



The final battle, Ragnarök, rages throughout time and space. Legendary warriors, gods, goddesses, and
beasts crash and claw. The mighty wolf Fenrir, relishing its place in the end of everything, snarls and
sinks its teeth into its heroic adversaries. Alas for Fenrir, its teeth have found the armor of the one who
is destined to vanquish it. Alas for Fenrir, the arm under the armor is full-muscled and more powerful
than the strongest metal. Alas for Fenrir, its fangs are ripped from its maw as the arm whips aside in a
majestic show of strength.

Later, in the great hall of Valhalla, stories are told of the battle as drinks are poured. It is the party to
end all parties, some would say - a jubilant celebration that instantly becomes the fodder for future
myths. Some drink from tankards, while others drink from horns. But the bravest, the noblest, and the
mightiest drink from Fenrir's own fangs, hollowed out to accept only the best libations.
And now you can become part of the mythos that is Das Fang. This set of four 1.5oz shot glasses are
made of premium glass and molded and hand-shaped to look like giant wolf fangs. Rest them in their
weighted polymer base with rubber bottom (to prevent sliding and spilling) and anyone who gazes on
your set of Das Fang will instantly know you are a true party animal. Wolf howls not included!

Base Dimensions: 10" x 5" x 2.5"