Interview With David Segall, Co-founder Of Das Horn September 30 2014

Want to know how the idea for Das Horn first came about?  Well, the folks at skillvoyage.com did a full interview with David where they went over these questions and much more.  We highly encourage you to check out this interview at http://skillvoyage.com"


Hello January 31 2013

Hey everyone. We are working away on the first order of Das Horns. We will post a detailed update of our progress very soon.

In the meantime, maybe you want to think about drinking home brew out of your Das Horn.




Welcome to our new website! December 11 2012

Thank you all for your generous help. Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully ended and we will be going into production with Das horn and its accessories like the neck strap and stand. Some of you pledged for a Das Horn (or several) through the Kickstarter. Some people missed the Kickstarter. Dry your eyes. You will now be able to order Das Horn through our site! Please keep in mind that delivery of the first order will be in mid-February. Ordering time will not usually take that long! We are setting up the factory for the first run, which is why it will take so long. Don't hesitate to pre-order your Das Horn.